"Crimp-free self-locking connector" shines at Shanghai International Exhibition


Previously, Zhongshan WoTong Electric Technology Co., Ltd. appeared at the 11th Shanghai International Electric Power Equipment and Technology Exhibition and the 2017 China International Electric Power Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Technology and Equipment Exhibition with the "Crimp-free self-locking connector". Many customers come to consult and communicate with their curiosity .Customers are pretty concerned about the "Crimp-free self-locking connector" . They are very interested in experiencing the tension test on site. There are many foreigners who come from other countries are all expressed their approval of the Crimp-free self-locking connector after understanding and experiencing the product. In addition, our company also gained a lot from this exhibition.

This exhibition is the largest and most influential brand power exhibition in the domestic power industry---the International Electric Power Exhibition. It is hosted by the China Electricity Council and Adsale Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. It is the only professional power exhibition in China that has obtained UFI international certification, with an exhibition area of 50,000 square meters, had more than 900 domestic and foreign power and electrical equipment giants and brands from over 50 countries, and around 26,000 professional visitors came from around the world participate in this power industry exhibition. This exhibition brought power electricians, power automation, data centers, smart homes and rail transit together.

At the exhibition, WoTong Technology took innovative technology as its mission. It is a high-tech enterprise that has been committed to electrical automation, intelligence, and electricity safety and energy saving, integrating R&D, innovation and manufacturing. "Crimp-free self-locking connector" won the national invention patent, and it is a quality pioneer display product which was awarded the quality pioneer project of China Quality News Network. Zhongshan WoTong Electric Technology Co., Ltd. owns the latest generation of internationally advanced cable relay connection and terminal connection technology to ensure reliable transmission of electrical energy, solve the cumbersome problem of circuit connection, and realize safety and energy saving and simple wire connection.

Besides the United States, Germany, Taiwan of China and Jiangsu of China, the exhibition organized a large exhibition group to participate in this exhibition. Well-known international power exhibitors and brands, for example, State Grid, China Southern Power Grid, ABB, Eaton, Changyuan Group, LS Industrial Power, Jiangsu Senyuan , Beihai Yinhe, AEG, Mingyang, Kangjin, Shuangjie, Phoenix, Ankerui, Xu Ji Group, Pinggao Group, Dongfang Electronics, NARI, Guodian Qingxin, Tiandi Environmental Protection, Datang Technology, Guoneng Zhongdian, etc. Participation provides power practitioners with an opportunity to learn about cutting-edge technology and fully reflects the current advanced level of power industry equipment and technology.

WoTong Technology pursues the perfection of technology with the spirit of craftsman and meticulous attitude, and climbs the new commanding heights of science and technology with the spirit of innovation and mutation. Breaking the conventional cable wiring method, quickly solving    circuit connection problems, no need for complicated and bulky tools, no need to wrap the insulating tape. Plugging and locking after stripping the wire end insulation for a short section, which is very convenient, fast, safe and reliable. Wotong Technology is very honored to be recognized by everyone and able to compete on the same stage with Chinese and foreign power and electrical equipment giants and many well-known domestic and foreign brand enterprises in this exhibition. We will continue to innovate products and brands, continuously improve the advanced level of technology, and create the dream of a national brand together.