"Crimp-free self-locking connector" shines at ShengZheng International Exhibition


"2017 Shenzhen international connector, cable and Wire Harness Processing Equipment Exhibition" , or "ICH Shenzhen 2017" , was held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from September 19 to 21,2017. The theme of the exhibition was "smart industry, connecting the future" , with connector, cable harness and processing technology and equipment as the strongest display section, we present China and even the world's top industrial connectivity technology and Application Industry Event!

Zhongshan WoTong Electrical Technology Co. , Ltd. will be called a "Crimp-free self-locking connector" products to join the exhibition.

Located in Triangle, Zhongshan, Zhongshan WoTong Electric Appliance Technology Co. , LTD. Is a high-techenterise integrating  R & D, Innovation and manufacturing. "Crimp-free self-locking connector" is the latest generation technology with the most advanced international cable relay connection and Terminal Connection, which ensures the reliable transmission of electric energy, solves the tedious problems of circuit connection, and realizes the safety, energy saving and the simplest; The company's technical team is docking the technology to a wider range of applications, to achieve safe, reliable and smooth transmission of electrical circuits connected to the full coverage.

In front of the booth, the traffic was very busy, and the visitors were very busy. Customers from all over the world, have to consult the company's technical staff, in the first-hand experience of the reliable effect of the connection have become thumbs up. Many merchants experience after the initiative to leave contact, put forward the desire for further in-depth cooperation.

Till the Clouds Roll By, we believe that professional, focused in order to make products conquer the market, let us go further and more stable. The success of this exhibition, for us more clear direction, more firm confidence.