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"Voltage-Free Self-Locking Connector" Is Used In Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia


In June 2020, the State Grid Ningcheng County Power Supply Company (marketing) of Chifeng City Power Supply Company in Inner Mongolia used the "voltage-free self-locking connector" series of electric cabinet brazing developed by Zhongshan Wotong Electric Technology Co., Ltd. Products and air switch meter series products.

The traditional connection of the electric meter is the method of inserting the wire directly or immersing the tin into the connecting hole of the electric meter to tighten the screw, which is prone to problems such as not tightening, easy to fall off, troublesome installation, and waste of time. The "pressure-free self-locking connector" does not require installation tools, and it can be automatically locked by inserting the wire into the product. The installation is simple and efficient, and the connection is reliable. After installation, the device is equipped with a silicone sleeve, no insulating tape is needed to cover the connection, and it is more beautiful and tidy than the old connection method.

The advantages of brazing products are quick and efficient installation, no damage to the wires, no broken strands, reliable connection, no tape wrapping, etc., which have great advantages in electrical accident repairs, narrow spaces, and high-altitude operations.

After installation and use for a period of time, We found that the surface temperature of the second-class product is lower than the temperature of the traditional crimping terminal, no electrical failure occurs and normal operation.

User trial opinions:

1: Experience the application in the transformation of the newly-added changeable fee-controlled metering box in Nanwopu No. 2 Company. Squad leader Kong Xianggang said that the installation is convenient and saves time and effort.

2: Single-phase electric energy meters often use single-stranded cables to install this equipment. Some single-phase users use multi-stranded cables, and all the wires at the end of the meter are soldered. This terminal is not suitable for installing this terminal. Some single-phase users use multi-stranded wires, and all the wires at the end of the table are soldered heads, which are not suitable for installing this terminal. For multi-strand wire soldering heads, the soldering heads must be cut off first and then installed, resulting in short wiring, or even insufficient wiring length, and installation is time-consuming and labor-intensive. After installation, the terminal is in good contact with the end of the watch, which can prevent the end of the watch from burning to a certain extent.

3: After the connection is completed, it is equipped with a silicone sleeve, and there is no need to cover the connection with an insulating tape, which is more beautiful and tidy than the old method.

4: At present, the running time of single-phase electric energy meter equipment in the test can reach nearly 20 days. The wiring terminal used in the transformation of the special transformer has been used for a week, and the current performance is stable without any abnormal conditions.