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"Voltage-Free Self-locking Connector" Is Used In Rail Transit


Recently, a new type of patented product "voltage-free self-locking connector" rail transit series products developed by Zhongshan Wotong Electric Technology Co., Ltd. was officially put into use in the Huaihua Power Supply Section of Guangzhou Railway (Group) Company.

Because of its unique mechanism, this product does not need to be crimped by hydraulic pliers. You can directly insert the stripped wire into the product by hand to achieve the effect of automatically locking the wire. The entire installation process is convenient and fast, which greatly reduces the labor of the operator. strength. Because it is non-mechanical crimping, it can achieve the effect of not damaging the wire and continuous stranding. Moreover, its own outer spring sleeve can effectively alleviate the vibration transmitted from the track to the terminal that will cause the stress to be focused on the connection part, and the service life is longer.

After use, this product has been highly recognized by front-line operators. The operation is simple and the electrical and mechanical properties can completely exceed the traditional crimping products.

"Voltage-free self-locking connector", set off a new revolution in wire connection!