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CCTV "jiangxing" column into Zhongshan Wotong Electrical Technology Co. , Ltd.


On August 22, the topic selection center of artisan, the old story channel of CCTV's CCTV documentary studio, entered Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, and began another journey of discovery.

Zhongshan Wotong Electrical Technology Co. , Ltd. has been committed to electrical automation, intelligence and Power Safety and energy-saving technology research and development, innovation and application. After more than 10 years of exploration and precipitation, has made a number of innovative scientific and technological achievements, with more than 10 exclusive patents. The company's product types cover all areas that need circuit connection, and can be widely used in household, construction, automobile, electric power, aerospace, military, shipping and many other industries, at the same time, the utility model has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, rapid connection, stable performance, wire saving, time saving, corrosion resistance and so on. The voltage-free self-locking connector has infinite application space and broad market prospect.

It is reported that "jiangxing" column is a large-scale television documentary programs. Through the Lens of the Great National Craftsmen, telling the innovation of traditional skills, the transmission of the craftsman spirit of the story. Focus on: Agricultural civilization to jiangxing, industrial civilization to jiangxing, information civilization to jiangxing, social service to jiangxing. "jiangxing" column shoulder a heavy media responsibility, the establishment of positive public opinion. A nation that respects work and encourages creativity, and a society that respects and cares for the jiangxing of its workers, should give those who make the most of it the incentive -- the credit for the jiangxing, the reward for the work, the reward for the nation. Each column will delve into an enterprise, explore the story behind it, explore high-quality products for the people, provide inspiration for Chinese enterprises, provide consumers with the basis for choice, set a benchmark for the industry.

Woton Electric Technology Co. , Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise located in Triangle, Zhongshan. The company adheres to the principle of "quality is the foundation, innovation is the soul of the enterprise, efficiency is the engine of growth" , adhere to the "customer first, sincere" service policy, determined to build international well-known brands, and strive to constantly create value for customers, with the most innovative products and the most warm and meticulous service to win the respect of customers, win market recognition.

During the discovery tour, Zhongshan Branch will carry out a one-year follow-up and report on the four processes of initial examination, review, on-the-spot inspection and final examination of the enterprise, the documentary will be filmed and finalized over the next six months, and the people at the center will be able to spread the Huimin County invention to millions of people, the follow-up to this enterprise will be reported on the Internet. Stay tuned!