"Crimp-free self_ locking connector" German exhibitor Records


On September 2,2017, "Crimp-free self_ locking connector" went abroad to participate in the 2017 IFA-Global Markets Exhibition in Berlin, Germany.

The IFA exhibition was first held in 1924. It is a global event for home appliance manufacturers and traders to showcase new products and conduct business and technical exchanges. It is an important platform for European wholesalers, buyers and home appliance retailers to exchange and purchase, is So far in the world's greater impact of consumer electronics and Home Appliances Expo.

The exhibition is full of brands and attracts many visitors. The "Crimp-free self_ locking connector" developed by Zhongshan Wotong Electric Appliance Technology Co. , Ltd. is always surrounded by numerous customers in many booths, we for its unique structure, clever ideas, reliable connection effect repeatedly amazing. For the company's research and development ideas, product application scenarios, manufacturing and supply capacity for in-depth detailed understanding, and the initiative to leave contact for further negotiations and cooperation.

"Crimp-free self_ locking connector" breaks the conventional cable connection mode, solves the circuit connection problem quickly, does not need the miscellaneous heavy tools, does not need the insulation tape to wrap, strips the conductor end insulation a small section, plug and lock, the requirements of ensuring good transmission contact and safe insulation have eliminated human factors, and improper operation has resulted in poor contact, high temperature and improper winding of insulating tape can easily cause electric leakage and short circuit and electric fire when a large current passes through. At the same time, this product is easy to use and easy to operate and learn, when using the wiring artifact, it belongs to plug-and-lock type. If you operate the wrong wiring, it doesn't matter. The wiring can be withdrawn and reconnected, and can be used repeatedly, its performance is not affected. It's very convenient, fast, safe, and reliable.

Product types cover all high and low voltage line connections, and can be widely used in electrical appliances, construction, automobiles, electric power, aerospace, military, ships and many other fields, to adapt to high and low temperature environment, deep sea or buried use, "Crimp-free self_ locking connector" has unlimited application space and market prospects.