"Crimp-Free Self-Locking Connector" Shines at Guangzhou


July 2018, zhongshan Wotong Electric Appliance Technology Co. , Ltd. took part in the 2nd Asia Power Electrician & Smart Grid Exhibition Jointly Organized by Southern Power Grid Digital Media Technology Co. , Ltd. and Guangzhou Boyou Exhibition Service Co. , Ltd. . The grand meeting was held in the Exhibition Hall of China Import and Export Commodities Trade Fair, and the Guangzhou International Exhibition on wire, cable and accessories was held in the same period. The total scale of the exhibition is expected to reach 60,000 square meters, more than 900 exhibitors and 50,000 visitors from more than 30 countries and regions will visit the exhibition. The fair has become China's most influential power industry event, dedicated to domestic manufacturers and industry decision-makers to build an efficient business communication platform. Covering a wide range of power products, the fair will bring together leading domestic and international brands to meet the growing demand and trends in the industry. It will also help suppliers, distributors and exporters to target customers and create new business opportunities.

The "Crimp-free self_locking connector" has attracted great interest from the participants because of its unique core advantages: voltage-free self-locking, non-winding insulation tape, time-saving, wire saving, energy saving and environmental protection, and following automatic compensation closely, the stands are often packed with People Mountain People Sea. After the initial to personally operate, experienced the magic charm of the product structure are greatly appreciated. Again to see the company's products in the national large-scale use and get all the major customers highly recommended, we have to cooperate in-depth.

Professional from focus, focus on creating the future, the full harvest of this exhibition is an encouragement, but also a spur, let us continue to Down to Earth, steadily forward!