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"Crimp-Free Self-Locking Connector" 2018 Chengdu Product Promotion Meeting Strong Attack


Recently, "Crimp-free self-locking connector" 2018 Chengdu product promotion was successfully held, at the same time, Zhongshan Wotong Electrical Appliance Technology Co. , Ltd. and Sichuan Province Strategic Partner Chengdu Yuhua Technology Co. , Ltd. . The signing ceremony was successfully held. Mr. Wang Desheng, general manager of Zhongshan Wotong Electric Appliance Technology Co. , Ltd. ; Mr. Dong Xita, General Manager of Chengdu Yuhua Technology Co. , Ltd. ; Mr. Zheng Xiaoyong, general manager of Chengdu Jichangxing Technology Co. , Ltd. ; Mr. Chen Hao, general manager of Southwest Division of Major Client Department of Xinyi International Group; representatives of CCTV's "small town with Chinese characteristics" program and representatives of the industry elite were invited to the event.

First of all, Mr. Wang Desheng, general manager of Zhongshan Wotong Electric Appliance Technology Co. , Ltd. , introduced the development of the company and the product "Crimp-free self-locking connector". Wortong is an innovative technology, has been committed to electrical automation, intelligence and Power Safety and Energy Conservation, R & D, Innovation, manufacturing as one of the high-tech enterprises. "Crimp-free self-locking connector" won the national invention patent, and won the China Quality News Network Quality Pioneer project, a quality pioneer display products.

"Crimp-free self-locking connector" is the latest technology of international most advanced cable relay connection and terminal connection, which ensures the reliable transmission of electric energy and solves the tedious circuit connection, the utility model realizes the safety, energy saving and the simplest. Live through video, photo interpretation of the way multi-directional display across the country has been using the "King of the line" project, have achieved very good feedback.

Later, President Wang initiated the on-site guests' experience in using the products. Guests took the stage one after another to participate in the pull test. Through this link, it fully demonstrated that the products themselves are higher than the industry standards of the national testing department, the diversity of on-site product types is enough to cover all the fields that need wiring connection, and can be widely used in many industries such as household, construction, automobile, electric power, aerospace, military industry, ship, etc. , the use of multi-sector products in the market performance will be immeasurable.

Mr. Dong Xita, General Manager of Chengdu Yuhua Technology Co. , Ltd. , expressed high awareness and concern about the product. Through various market data investigations, the market response to the use of the product was very satisfactory. On the spot, he reached an intention to cooperate with President Wang, at the same time signed the Sichuan and Tibet Region's strategic cooperation, will be in power, subway, communications and other industries to promote all-round products. Finally, the series of "Crimp-free self-locking connector" has successfully entered the state grid's only official procurement platform-state Grid Mall. STATE-OWNED NETWORK MALL takes "electricity" as its main line, focusing on "energy saving" and "intelligence" , and takes online sales and supporting services of products such as smart homes, electrical appliances and electric vehicles as its main business content, "Crimp-free self-locking connector" series of products of professionalism and safe and convenient operation will be in the State Network Mall Platform to be fully affirmed by consumers.         

The successful holding of the "wired King" 2018 Chengdu Product Promotion Conference indicates that the number of people benefiting from the use of enterprise products will be more, the industry for the use of enterprise market planning will be more extensive, the characteristics of products benefiting the country and the people will be more obvious, and the enterprise will be all-directional, multi-channel marketing development is increasingly mature.

"Crimp-free self-lock connector" will be the whetstone forward, strong attack.