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"Crimp-Free Self-Locking Connector" to Save The Problem of Power Connection in Cold Wave


The National Meteorological Centre has also issued an orange alert for heavy snow and a blue alert for cold wave. The highways, railways and civil aviation in many parts of China have been affected to different degrees. Local power systems are also facing a new round of tests. It is understood that since the beginning of winter, China's electricity consumption has continued to climb, with the average daily electricity consumption reaching 19.129 billion kwh and the daily electricity consumption reaching a maximum of 20.1 billion kwh, an increase of 15% over the peak value last winter and a record high in winter. The power supply of Hebei, Jiangsu, Henan, Hunan, Jiangxi and other power grids is tight due to low temperature and cold wave, power supply and other factors. In addition, the recent continued low temperature, most of the power supply equipment are frozen state, emergency repair personnel are more snow-proof low temperature work.

To ensure the safety and stability of the power grid and reliable supply of electricity, reduce the maintenance link of the Repairman, improve the connection efficiency, look for many aspects in the market connection products, finally there is a product called "voltage-free self-locking connector" , which can save time, greatly improves connection efficiency. This product won the national invention patent, and also won the China Quality News Network Quality Pioneer project, and became a quality pioneer display product, zhongshan Wotong Electrical Technology Co. , Ltd. has the latest generation technology of international most advanced cable relay connection and terminal connection, which ensures reliable transmission of electric energy and solves the complexity of circuit connection, the utility model realizes the safety, energy saving and the simplest.

This product it breaks the Conventional Cable Connection Way, Quick Solution Circuit connection problem, only need to peel off the conductor terminal insulation a short section exposed bare wire, bare wire inserted into the product connection part, namely plug and lock, safe and fast.

"No-voltage self-lock connector" main carrier using high-quality low-resistance high-strength copper, product insulation sheathing using imported high-quality Silica Gel material, can be in-45 °C ~ + 125 °c environment normal use. Wire contact section has sufficient margin, holding force automatically follow to ensure good contact not loose, electrical performance, mechanical performance can meet the requirements of national standards.

In particular, it is worth affirming that the pressure-free self-locking wire connector can be installed by hand without the traditional heavy and heavy hydraulic clamp, die and other tools, and can be easily and conveniently installed in any high-altitude, underground or narrow place, have incomparable superiority in the breakdown rush repair aspect!