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Current Situation and Prospect Analysis of Connector Industry in China


China has become the world's largest connector manufacturing base as the world's manufacturing industry shifts to Chinese mainland and the center of gravity of global connector manufacturing shifts to Chinese mainland. The overall level of connector manufacturing in China has been rapidly improved, and the connector market has been expanding year by year. China has become the most potential and fastest growing region in the global connector market. From 2003 to 2014, China's connector market growth rate is significantly higher than the global average, China's connector market share expanded from 12.50% to 25.80% , has become the world's largest connector consumer market.

Due to the late start of China's connector industry, connector market concentration is low, technical level of the industry compared with advanced countries still have a certain gap. But China's connector industry has vast space, great potential for development, the future has a very large room for improvement.

Connector is one of the basic components necessary for electrical connection of circuit system, and is a component of terminal application products. Therefore, the development of Terminal Application is the main factor to promote the rapid growth of connector market and technology development, connector Industry Trends and downstream terminal application industry development maintains a very clear consistency.

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