Production Equipment

At present, there are 2 manual production lines, 6 semi-automatic production lines, 2 CNC punching production lines, an industry-leading automatic sorting, assembling, and spotting equipment, which can produce about 20 finished products in one minute, which can effectively meet the supply requirements in time .

Product Application

The products cover all fields that require line connections, and can be widely used in many industries such as construction, automobiles, electric power, coal mines, high-speed rail, military industry, and ships, and have unlimited application space and great market prospects.

Production Market

Sales area: National; Australia; Africa. Achievement introduction: Officially launched in 2018, with annual sales of more than 1 million;

Our service

Can be customized according to the specific needs of customers, and can be on-site training

  • Terminals

Zhongshan WoSign Electrical Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise that located in Zhongshan, which is the place that known as the "Hometown of Small Household Appliances in China". WoSign Co., Ltd has been committed to the technology research and development innovation and application of electrical automation intelligentization and electricity safety and energy saving. After years of exploration and precipitation, Wosign Co., Ltd has achieved a number of innovative scientific and technological achievements. All products launched on the market have passed series of security tests of the national authorities and have been recognized. It produces Terminals, Voltage-free self-locking connector, Low temperature rise, Fire and flame retardant and so on. The advantages of this product are energy-saving, environmentally friendly, fast connection, reliable performance, wire-saving, time-saving and corrosion resistance and so on. We are moving ahead with a same goal which to build a well-known brand in the industry and strive to continuously create value for customers with the most innovation products and the sincerest service.